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Pharmaceutical Water System

Project Description

A 3D animated video showing features and advantages of a pharmaceutical water Generation, Storage & Distribution System. The main objective here was to showcase the system as a Turnkey project and not just focus on one specific system. Multiple components make multiple systems which are interconnected with complex pipe connections. Understanding the whole project to begin with was the challenge. It was also a challenge to differentiate between utility lines like plant steam drain lines apart from critical utility lines like Pure Steam, Purified Water & Water for Injection (WFI) Lines.


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  • Dryfog2 Industrial 3D Models

    Dry Fog 2

    Bio-Pharma, Pharma

  • Pharmaceutical UV System Industrial 3D Models

    UV System

    Pharma, Water & Waste Water treatment

  • Mechanical Industrial 3D Models

    StopGo System

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  • Chemical Landfill Gas Extraction Industrial 3D Models

    Landfill Gas Extraction

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  • Pharma Biotech Vessels Industrial 3D Models

    Biotech Vessels

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  • Pharma water system Industrial 3D Models

    Pharma Water System

    Pharma, Water-Treatment

  • Water system RO-EDI Industrial 3D Models

    RO-EDI System

    Pharma, Water-Treatment

  • Catalyst Recovery system Industrial 3D Models

    Catalyst Recovery

    Chemical, API, Process

  • Mechanical Steel tube plant Industrial 3D Models

    Steel Tube Plant

    Tube Manufacturing, Mechanical

  • portfolio_img_11 Industrial 3D Models

    Composting System

    Solid Waste, Mechanical

  • Mechanical CNC Machine spindle Industrial 3D Models

    CNC Machine Spindle

    CNC, Machine Tool, Mechanical

  • pharma stability chamber Industrial 3D Models

    Stability Chamber

    Pharmaceutical, Laboratory

  • pharma stability chamber Industrial 3D Models

    Cream Mfg. plant

    Branding, Identity

  • pharma stability chamber Industrial 3D Models

    Steriflow Valve

    Pharma, Bio-Pharma, Valves

  • pharma stability chamber Industrial 3D Models


    Water Treatment, Domestic

  • pharma stability chamber Industrial 3D Models

    Hydraulic Cylinder

    Hydraulics, Mechanical


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