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Catalyst Recovery System

Project Description

Recovery of expensive catalysts like Palladium Carbon (Pd/C) from the mother liquor is a complex process & possibly a hazardous process (depending on the recovery process used). This fully automated CATALYST RECOVERY SYSTEM (designed by our client, who are the leaders in various filtration technologies) makes the job of recovery much easier safer. Multiple stages are involved, like recirculation, filtration, heel volume removal, backwashing, Nitrogen purging to discharge the solid cake, remove the hold up etc. Apart from various cycles, there are also complex sequence of automated opening & closing of valves controlled by the PLC. All the cycles of operation is programmed on the PLC and can be initiated either semi-automatically (triggerred manually) or fully automated (Program driven).This company used to explain all these stages using P&ID on the PPT slides consisting of almost 30 slides. This 3D animated video has achieved its objective of quickly showing all the process cycles in action. Liquid dynamics was used to showcase the liquid flow which realistically shows the liquid properties like viscosity, turbulence, velocity, pressure, specific gravity etc.


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