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If have been thinking that 90% of your sales is explaining how your product functions, the scope of your project etc. and if you are spending a lot of time talking technical, then you should read this. Having been in various companies selling various capital goods like Water Systems, Hydraulic Machinery, Project Machineries I had to attend many technical meetings. It was all about explaining them about my product. A considerable & very significant amount time was spend in explaining to my customers all the technical nitty gritties of my product, spending countless hours on sectional & schematic drawings and P&IDs. Most of the Sales engineers and managers think that this is their only job. It is not. More often than not, this eats away the time that you needed to stress your product delta (i.e. the advantages your product has over your competition)I am not even hinting that this is not needed. But what if you can do this technical explanation very quickly. Explain it in say 20% of the time that your competitor takes to explain his and you do it more effectively. And what if I say, your client can remember 8 out of your 10 advantages while deciding the order. You would definitely stand a good change of getting the order. Its not what you explain, its what your client remembers and what he values most matters.

Sales managers spend hours teaching clients, how a valve is operated, and how there is a safety feature with limit switch that safeguards from accidental opening etc. And the clients want to learn too, that is what they are paid for. Remember the bottom line, a sales manager is not paid or measured by the way he/she explains their products, but how much they end up selling. But do these sales manager reap the benefits of their teaching or explaining skills? Yes, sometimes. Just imagine, out of the one hour given to you to explain your product, you have explained all that the client want to know themselves, all in just 15 minutes. You can use the other 45 minutes to tell them what you want them to know and emphasis on the points that the client values. Stress on the points that if considered, while deciding, will fetch you the order. Points your client should recall while they decides internally, when all the meetings are over. That should be your goal.

It is necessary to tell your clients what they want to know about your product, but its more important to tell them what you want them to know. I cannot emphasize this more. The Differential or the Delta (The difference between your product and your competitor's) vis-a-vis your competition is paramount for you, as a sales manager. If you make sure your client has understood this and values this, you stand a far better chance of winning the order. Otherwise, you are bound to hear the all too familiar "We wanted to give the order to you, but your price was high. We will surely consider it next time, Blah! Blah!"

Having your client's time and attention to explain your delta is paramount. Know your competition and have your delta ready vis-a-vis each competition. Showing this delta visually has a great recall value. Presenting your product using Animated Photoreal 3D Modeled Videos (Ap3DmV)help you to cut down on your product presentation time. Also showing Animated Photoreal 3D Modeled Videos (Ap3DmV) of your delta helps you get a greater recall value and attention by your client. If you have to win, you have to be different. Not only in your product, approach but also in your presentation.

  • Take time to explain your delta vis-a-vis your competition
  • Don't hope, but make sure your client remembers your product delta (differential)
  • Presenting your product using Animated Photoreal 3D Modeled Videos help you to cut down on your product presentation time
  • Showing your Delta in Animated Photoreal 3D Modeled Videos (Ap3DmV) has better recall value.
  • Ap3DmV can explain Better, Faster and Easier
  • Showing your product in Ap3DmV cuts down a lot of time consuming yet insignificant questions
  • You can do a lot of visual analysis while the client is watching your Ap3DmV
  • You may not know or be able to present your product and it to the decision maker personally, but your Ap3DmV can be seen by them.

We can conclusively state that Animated Photoreal 3D Modeled Videos (Ap3DmV) are here to stay. They increase understanding and reduce the time taken to explain complex processes or functionality. Its an indispensable marketing tool, so much so that if you don't understand and leverage it now, your competitor might.