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Frustrations of a Sales Manager


As a Sales Manager, early on in my career, my biggest hurdle to my success was my competition. If only there was no competition, I would have achieved far goals than what I finally ended up achieving with tons of competition. This Utopian dream never came true. What came was more competitors. Another secret desire I had was, OK God! if you are powerless to take away my competitors, then make their products expensive. He never listened to me. Why was it that which ever company I worked for, they always had the most expensive product amongst the competition? I could never decipher this mystery.

And many more questions followed. How can I sell when my best and final discounted price was 20% more than my competitors quoting price. Does my customer ever tell my competitor that their prices are high? Is my customer so stupid enough to buy an inferior product albeit at a lower price? Can he not see, he's being fooled by my competition? I have the best product, why can't anyone see it. How can that thick head, good-for-nothing, badly informed, Sales Manager form my competition convince the client when I can't? He must be definitely good at bribing people perhaps. Am I fit to be in this Sales line? I was sick of giving presentations when I was convinced that they will go with my competition with a lower price

Until one fine day, I decided to take charge. I knew I had the best product. If only my customer knew. If only my customer could see my point of view. The three letters 'SEE' hit me. The customer was not 'seeing' what I was showing. He was hearing, but not listening. He was saying he got it, but he did not understand. What if I can show every feature of mine, in action and stimulate his understanding?. This is where I understood the importance of having a good Marketing tool for every product.

3Dis a great friend of sales engineers and Marketing professionals who might have thought like I had earlier. A few years back, 3D models looked like cartoons and though you could use it to explain, it wasn't captivating enough. The 3D softwares today allow models to look exactly or better than the photographs. Take for example an acid pump. We can now take the viewer on a trip inside the pump casing along with the acid and show the impeller in rotation, Or take them through inside a Ultraviolet lamp or through a hydraulic piston to show the oil seals in action. The application and advantages are enormous.

Apart from the big advantage of showing your product in action, Animated Photoreal 3D videos can also standardize your product presentations. A lot of time companies end up with 'This was committed by your sales person' type of issues. Your product can now present itself. Your sales person can do the job of selling.

We can conclusively state that Animated Photoreal 3D modeled videos are here to stay. They increase understanding and reduce the time taken to explain complex processes or functionality. Its an indispensable marketing tool, so much so that if you don't understand and leverage it now, your competitor might.