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Photoreal 3D, an effective marketing tool

Animated Photoreal 3D Modeled Videos

We all have heard it, cliche yet true 'Seeing is believing' . Customers understand BETTER, EASIER & FASTER when they see. When you show the functionality, advantages and features of your product in action, you stand a better chance to convince your clients. You will transition from 'trying to sell' to 'helping to buy', which is more effective and definitely more respectable. This is what the sales professionals should be ideally doing. Most of us don't like people selling it to us. We just want information to help us understand and when we understand the features, functionality and the benefits of the product we decide to buy or not to buy.

Most of us don't like people selling it to us. We just want information to help us understand and when we understand the features, functionality of a product we decide to buy or not to buy. Its not much different when it comes to industrial products. Your customers don't want to whack their brains over complicated drawings, boring presentations and being bombarded with technical jargons, if you can give them an easier way to understand. They want to understand fast, easy without too much stress on their brains. There's already too much going on inside and you are not the only one bombarding, your 3-4 (if not more) competitor friends are firing on all cylinders too. Its a miracle if your client is still talking sanity.

3Dtechnology has evolved to such an extent that it can create and animate anything which we can imagine. It is a powerful tool to show what we cannot see by our naked eyes or not easy to see, like for example, how a UV light can kill a bacteria, or the process of filtration of palladium carbon through the filter cartridges. 3D modeling and animation can really help us create the whole process and help easily explain the process by just showing it to us.

Sales & marketing professionals like to take their clients to a site visit- to show their installations. This is because they stand a better chance of convincing the client, when they show it to them, in installed & working condition. But its not very easy. Getting permissions from the company where your product is installed, co-coordinating the time, the cost of travel and the time lost in such visits etc. If you are one of say 5 potential vendors, then most probably the client may not travel to all 5 sites. If he hasn't come to visit your site, then god save you from the nightmares that you can get of what your competitor has done to the client while taking him to his site.

Animated Photoreal 3D modeled Videos are being used more and more in the field of sales of industrial products. Companies like GE, Siemens etc are using this to their full potential to simplify complex technologies just by showing. Marketing professionals are realizing that it is far more effective to show their product in action in 3-4 minutes than spend an hour using bulleted Power point presentations, P&IDs and drawings. They also have to answer far lesser questions (if at all they have to) and most question is " Can you just rewind it a little" and that's it. The advantages of using 3D animation to explain industrial products and processes are enormous and some of them are captured below;

  • Photoreal 3D images are as good as the real photo and perhaps better.
  • Explain your product in action- inside out
  • Visually show the advantages, benefits and value that your product can deliver
  • A 3-4 minute animated video can probably be more convincing than an hour of PPT presentation
  • Use the high resolution images in your brochures & posters
  • A self explained video can be run continuously during trade fairs
  • Create interactive micro sites with the same 3D model
  • Capture your audience attention span for longer duration

We can conclusively state that its only a matter of time when most (if not all) companies will eventually begin to use Animated Photoreal 3D modeled Videos to successfully simplify technologies and foster better understanding.