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About us


We are a team of engineers & Sales professionals with a over 15 years of experience behind them in Sales & Marketing of capital engineering & industrial products. We are also a team of Passionate 3D artists and graphic designers -Probablyt, for the first time Engineers, Marketing Professionals, 3D artists & Designers all come together. We are equipped with strong analytical skills & powerful workstations with licensed software.


To improve the quality of the world we live in. A lot of high quality products loose out to inferior and cheap competiton. Most of them due to the fact that the buyer did not understand the value the high quality products provided. Blame it on the sales team, on the communication tools or any other factor. Its our tendency to buy cheap. But also our tendency to buy products that gives us good value for money. Our mission is to help people who build great engineering products, with a long term vision and help them differentiate themselves better against competition who's only success mantra We are same but cheaper!" competition.


Our engineering background and our previous experience working as a sales perofessional for various companies is the motivation. We love design and like working in 3D and fascinated by the cutting edge softwares that allow us to create photoreal objects in 3D. 3D is our passion. A passionately driven team of engineers, 3D artistes, designers, marketing professionals who love challenges and love creativity. We love taking our Xeon powered workstations to a spin, pushing cutting edge 3D softwares to their limit and look like a zombie with overdose of coffee and tea.

A passionate team of Engineers (Product & Process analysts) 3D artists & animators, Graphic Designers & Marketing professionals work in sync to deliver you a marketing tool that makes your product talk, silences your sales engineers which fosters better understanding of your product by your customers.

We understanding engineering drawings, P&IDs, PFDs, understand PLC logic and have good understanding in the domains of Pharmaceutical & Bio pharmaceutical Engineering, Hydraulics, Chemical & Thermal engineering, Water treatment, Machine tool engineering, Valves & automobiles.

Our workstations are powered by the powerful Intel Xeon powered workstations capable of running 24x7 at a stretch for weeks. We work on state-of-art licensed softwares, with 24x7 power supply. We have configured continous redundant back up system to external drives and cloud. Driven by passion for 3D technology, we love working 18-20 hours when required while listening to music & drinking gallons of coffee & tea.


To just stay where you are, you have to run twice as fast -Lewis Carol, Alice in Wonderland.
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